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Living, Loving, Leading

What if I told you leadership is not all about who's following behind you but it's more importantly about "self" and those who are standing before you?  What if I could prove to you that it doesn't take lots of money and a full-fledged, paid staff to manifest your dreams?  What if I revealed to you that the key to your happiness, success, prosperity, and fulfillment is actually already inside of you?
"Out" are the days of surrounding yourself with a nice group of lifelong, solely committed supporters and "in" are the days of many influencers having to share the same followers. This generation seldom submits or commits to one authoritative figure, but they tend to glean their information and insights from multiple experts. So, are you flexible enough to fit this new age model of leadership and influence?  If so, this exhilarating, thought-provoking masterpiece will take you on an epic, inspirational journey while equipping you to become the most effective, highly successful, well-rounded modern-day leader.  It offers sage advice about life, love, leadership, purpose, mindfulness, relationships, parenting, success, etc.  Derived from Damon’s extensive and diverse experiences in the entrepreneurial, educational, radio/TV, religious, and nonprofit realms, L3 will broaden your horizons, expand your perspective, empower your inner winner, and give you a more comprehensive, thorough viewpoint of life's amazing journey.  After reading this incredible book, you will be able to do the following: understand how identity and purpose are correlated, distinguish among the various types of supporters, identify the 6 regions of giftedness, recognize different leadership styles, analyze the various laws for leading, recognize the importance of vision, and much more.

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Becoming an effective leader starts from the inside out. 

"Every one of us has a purpose for existing. You and I were created as a somebody (identity) with a something (purpose) to complete." - from the book. Living, Loving, Leading is not only a guide to becoming a great leader it provides guideposts and self-examination and quizzes that allows for discovery, reflection, and growth. The author's contention that becoming a great leader comes from the inside out and from knowing yourself and your purpose before attempting to lead others - regardless if the leading is of one's self, family, friends, or co-workers. This book is an exhaustive, complete, and thorough treatment of what being a leader is, what a leader is not, and all the gradations in between. A terrific book and a remarkable resource.

Eric Shoars

Inspirational and positive messages.

Getting to know who you are and what your purpose is outlined in this book along with other mindful practices. The explanations of how each component of our body and spirit lends itself to fulfilling who we are (thus being truly happy) is written thoughtfully and clearly. The second part of the book is all about using this newfound self-worth and translating it into leadership. It talks all about leadership styles and what makes a great one. So much interesting tidbits of information fills this book! Be prepared to get to know and love your true self.

K. Rich

Leadership explained.

Great explanation of the values that lead to a happy and successful life. A holistic self-help-esque style book that can benefit anyone of any age. It is apparent that the author is caring and kind individual, and that the author's goal is to help people succeed. This book will inspire its readers to follow their passion.

P. America

Live an exceptional life! 

Excellent book that focuses on living a meaningful life full of passion and purpose.  
This book is chock full of wisdom for living life, loving people, and leading others. Highly recommend!

Lisa H.

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Multifaceted, passionate, and skilled all describe Damon “DaRil” Nailer.  With several hundred speaking engagements under his belt, Damon has become known as a “Renaissance Man”, Inspirational Communicator, Gift Guru, and Authority/Expert who is able to provide direction, inspiration, and education to any organization/company.  Mr. Nailer possesses a wealth of knowledge in the following areas: educational, entrepreneurial/business, religious, entertainment, relationships, leadership, and parenting.

As a result of his expertise and experience, he has been featured 200+ times in print and online publications, including The Huffington Post, Reader’s Digest, Authority MagazineThrive Global, Goalcast, MSN, Yahoo, Yahoo FinanceRedbook, Insider, BestLife, podcasts, radio/TV shows, magazines, newspapers, etc.  

Currently, DaRil is a parent educator with the Children's Coalition of Northeast Louisiana.  He is a certified trainer for the following programs: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE's), The Positive Parenting Program (Triple P), and The Nurturing Parenting Program (NPP).  Additionally, he serves as a consultant/coach who facilitates his own workshops that cover leadership training, branding, team building, networking, discovering your dominant gift, relationships, spirituality, and personal development.  Contact us to receive information regarding these seminars.

On the personal side he is a devoted husband and proud father.

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"Pat yourself on the back, throw your own parties, and celebrate "you" to the fullest." 

Damon "DaRil" Nailer

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