Clarity Consultation

Clarity Consultation

Are you in need of clear direction and clarity concerning your personality, strengths, weaknesses, and skills?  If so, this is a magnificent package for you.  The Clarity Consultation includes the following:


  • The Dominant Gift Survey Plus- Interesting, accurate, and profound are some of the descriptive words used to summarize this wonderful tool. It is an in-depth, extensive questionnaire that will do the following: assist you in discovering or confirming what is called your "dominant gift" or strongest talent plus two additional skills, provide a description of the areas of giftedness, and suggest compatible professions that will utilize your talents.
  • The Intrinsic Inventory- Life-changing, spot on, terrific, fine-tuning all describe this tool.  It enables you to analyze your personality strengths/weaknesses, find your area(s) of expertise, set short-term goals, create an action plan, and devise your dream job.
  • One to One Consultation (1 hr.)- After completing the Dominant Gift Survey and Intrinsic Invemtory, DaRil will conduct an hour long consultation session with you to review your results and assist you in devising your action plan for fulfilling your goals and ultimately, positioning yourself to enjoy your dream job or business.

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